Massive UFO sighting at Sydney

From all over the world every day there are reports of UFO sightings of mysterious nature and unexplained phenomena. In this case, we are on the northern Sidney beaches, several witnesses would have photographed unidentified flying objects, but let’s explore deeper this topic of mysterious massive UFO sighting at Sydney.

A large flying saucer was sighted at sidney, witness Gus Medero was taking photos of dawn at Avalon’s Bangalley when his camera would capture a large white object flying in the direction of the sun.

Massive ufo sighting at sidney

Mr. Medero was not the only one to have seen the white object over bangalley, even the civil aviation authorities have called it a real mystery. The UFO was described as a very bizarre object and it seemed to have 4 jet streams coming out of it. It was also said that the UFO was moving at very high speeds so much that he could not follow him with his eyes. Madero said he did not know how to describe the subject, it often happens that these objects can be detected as normal birds or satellites, and it is not the first time that there is a false alarm.

Other witnesses photographed the UFO so explaining its alleged origin, is it a drone? A good deal of witnesses is convinced that it was an airplane, not a drone, because the object was very fast, and it had flashing lights.

By looking at image my personal opinion is an airplane, this image it’s very confusing and not well defined, in the history we have much better content where we can see details and official NASA pictures, I think we should focus more in the quality images and videos and study them, anyway the mystery will remain.

What do you think about this sighting? Do you belive in UFO’s? Let me know below the comments!

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