A little girl sees an UFO from the plane

There are so many UFO sightings around the world, and for the more “lucky” it happened to see them directly from a porthole of an airplane, that’s how it happened to one little girl sees an UFO from the plane on a flight from Manchester In the United Kingdom, traveling to Lanzarote in Spain.

This 9-year-old girl together with her father David Woodward have seen a big black object floating in the sky.
Often objects spotted by flying planes have nothing to do with aliens, but we know that birds do not fly at high altitudes! It’s really something unexplainable… but let’s see more detail in this story…

The father David Woodward told reporters and Manchester Evening that the plane was flying about 10 minutes when his daughter near the window saw a mysterious black object crossing the wing of the plane, the object In question had a dimension of a spaceship, and so the little girl started taking pictures.

At first glance they thought it was a big bird, but then they realized that at that altitude was not possible, in addition to this he did not have a precise route, but he changed directions continuously for no reason and in a very fast way.

A little girl sees an UFO from the plane
A little girl sees an UFO from the plane

This is not the first time an unidentified object is spotted by a scheduled airliner, Mr Woodward and his daughter hope that sooner or later someone will give him an explanation for this phenomenon.

Often on the internet are uploaded movies or photos where even the famous ISS spacecraft spotted many UFOs as in the case: ISS cameras caught footage of a UFO.
This makes us realize and understand that we still have a lot to understand and learn.

There are really too many sightings, we do not deny reality, but we try to deal with it and resolve this mystery, for many people not believing these phenomena is just an excuse for not having any problems or fear of something, human beings have always afraid of what do not know 100% but fortunately there is also a good percentage that this fascinates him, which goes ahead and investigating… we are ufologists!

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