Giant UFO Hovers Over Statue Of Liberty

Many sightings nowadays leave speechless, while others may seem trivial sightings or light effects, or effects from camera lenses also known as “lens flare”, but this time we’re talking about a Giant UFO hovers over Statue of Liberty, this Wednesday an unidentified object has been taken over to one of the most famous and visited monuments in the world … but let’s go to see more in detail what it was!

Real footage about the giant UFO
giant ufo hovers over statue of libery

The huge disk-shaped object was filmed on a boat that was crossing the Hudson River, the witness immediately claimed to have been misplaced by the incident.

Analyzing the photo, one sees that under the spherical object comes out a very intense beam of light, many people will wonder how such a big object in the skies of New York has not been intercepted by anyone and so many are the hypotheses of Military experiments. Theorists and ufologists are convinced that this was a real case of extraterrestrial vehicle.

How often does science fail to give us real answers, so in this case we have to thoroughly investigate the origin of this story, was it really a giant space ship coming to visit us?

What makes me think is simply the fact that the photo seems to be original and unmodified “obviously it was just modified by me to zoom in on the unidentified object.

Will we ever find concrete answers to all of these questions? Maybe one day, but a very remote day, science will allow us to come into contact with these strange phenomena, explain or even understand that we are not dealing with strange phenomena but real visits from extraterrestrials.

It is only a matter of time, sooner or later we will understand what we are dealing with, so we are so small and brittle humans that we sometimes think of being a super-advanced technology state, while in other galaxies or solar systems there are technologically advanced civilizations in Able to travel over time or even make stellar trips! Yes… I know this sounds like a science fiction book but i remember that the universe is the universe…

another UFO case over Statue of libery

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