UFO sighting in Helsinki – Flying objects

UFO Sighting in Helsinki – January 5 hours 9:33 pm

A UFO sighting happened in the cold, dark night skies in Helsinki, the photo in question was sent to me by a friend of mine named Albert.

What these objects are? small red flames, flying objects which in my opinion are real unidentified objects.

Let’s look at the picture, the objects are in total 5.

ufo sighting in helsinki
Unfortunately my friend Albert took a single photo, the reason for this is because the sighting only lasted a couple of minutes.

Albeter said:

It was around 9 pm and I was walking with my dog, I saw little flames grow and shrink, at first I thought it was only a strange vision given by my fatigue ..
But as soon as I saw these flames moving, and in rotation, I realized that it really was a UFO! I picked up the phone in my hand and I took a picture very quickly and could not believe my eyes what I was seeing. Unfortunately the photo is blurry because the strange unidentified objects were too far away, however these objects can be studied in depth by this photo.

So now we come to conclusions about UFO sighting in Helsinki

-I zoom in the image but unfortunately I didn’t understand what it is, the color is red and the object is not triangular.

-“Albert” the witness says that the objects were moving in rotation so fast.

-It could not have been a plane, and to my knowledge to find the objects with this light in the starry night is impossible.

-The testimony is very credible, but we needed more photos to better document what happened.

-The only certainty is that the photo has not been modified

It is a UFO phenomenon?

For sure this phenomenon it’s a very different one in comparison to many others, for example the famous UFO sighting in los angels in 1942

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