UFO Sighting in Los Angeles 1942 – The truth

UFO Sighting in Los Angeles 1942: the unexplained sighting

A UFO sighting in Los Angeles 1942 is one of the greatest mysteries that immediately projects the heroism and tragedy of the World War II. For years people used to relate the UFO sighting with different things due to skepticism. The following footage is taken on February 25th, 1942 in Los Angeles, which later coined as the Battle of Los Angeles 1942.

Here the full image of the UFO sighting in Los Angeles 1942

ufo sighting in Los Angeles 1942

Let’s see the real image of the sighting with zoom:

ufo los angeles zoom

The photograph was published in the L.A. Time is highlighting the presence of an ominous flying object drifting over the city. This resulted in the initiation of numerous debates that in turn, has inspired the first major controversy of a UFO in the America. The evidence has been right in front of us all the time, which we have ignored under the impression that it could be disseminated in the air after explosions. It should be noted that:

1. Explosive fragments do not fly around for that long.

2. If you have a closer look at the film, you will notice something unusual after slowing down the speed.

People are still not sure what was flying over the city before the morning hours of February 25th, 1942 and evaded the air defenses of Los Angeles.

Conspiracy theorists like Greg Bishop, Joe Oesterle, and Mike Marinacci proposed the incident as an extraterrestrial activity. During the documentation of the incident in 1949, the US Coast Artillery Association performed an examination on a meteorological balloon, which was released in the air at 1:00 am with an order of shooting it. The conclusion revealed that “once the firing started, imagination created all kinds of targets in the sky and everyone joined in.


William C. Breuer described a bizarre story in his book “The Air-Raid Warden Was a Spy and other tales from home-front America in World War II” in which he elaborated that press conference of President Franklin D. Roosevelt that took place before February 17th of 1942. In that conference, President Roosevelt acknowledged the power possessed by Japan for attacking the mainland of the country. After six days, his statement was proven right as the result of the surfacing of the Japanese submarine in the north of Santa Barbara.

The submarine used a deck gun for firing, and a total of 15 shells were noted at an oil facility. The submarine did not get the opportunity to cause massive destruction, but the other side molded the attack into their victory. One of the newspapers declared in their headline that “Our submarine destroy large US city.

The confirmation of the Japanese attack put forth by the Army Air Force created chaos, which was a followed by a warning about the next attack within 10 hours issues by the US Naval Intelligence. The warning turned people’s worst fear into a materialistic reality when signals were picked by the radar indicating the presence of UFO 120 miles away from the city.
The Naval Secretary, Frank Knox, later described the reporters that attack was nothing, but a false alarm. Nevertheless, his statement at the press conference did not provide profound explanation possessed by the mysterious flying object that emerged on the radar.

Witnesses of the event have told that they have seen attacking planes, which led Army officials to develop a subsequent hypothesis. The Raiders witnessed by the people could have been “civilian-style light aircraft” that Japanese have launched either from their submarines or a secretly established aircraft in Mexico or California. The underlying aim for doing such stunt was to place a psychological impact on army and on the citizens of the U.S.

UFO sighting in Los Angeles 1942 continues to hold various secrets, while the incident is still widely debated among the enthusiasts of UFO and conspiracy theorists. With the advancement of technology, many people have confirmed it as an alien spacecraft. George C. Marshall who was the Army Chief of Staff at that time stated that:
…the mystery airplanes are in fact not earthly, and according to secret intelligence sources they are in all probability of interplanetary origin.
Here is the “CBC radio report” that was aired after the incident of Battle of Los Angeles 1942.

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