Strange sightings during the ISS live “video”

Very often, strange sightings during the ISS live happens, this time launching the alarm was the sent by “UFO-CUNI” – the UFO Italian center “Maggioni Angelo Savona”.

The ISS “The International Space Station” live streaming usually give to us incredible emotions watching our earth planet.

strange sightings during the iss live

In this video in September we notice three sequential objects, one very visible that appears from left to pass in front of the ISS then to slow down in halfway and change its direction.
In the meantime, another object is seen to bump and touch the object that has slowed down, and soon after another one always very fast to spin away.

Obviously, it is difficult to determine the nature of these objects, with skeptics, the hypothesis is that they are pieces of ice or reflections, it is not the first time that bright objects are detected by ISS directors, such as the case ” ISS cameras captured footage of a UFO “.

Many people have ventured out of the idea of ​​alien spaceships that are orbiting around our planet, what do you think? Let me know it below the comments!

Video Source: UFO Centro Ufologico Ligure Interferenza Aliena

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