ISS cameras caught footage of a UFO

ISS cameras caught footage of a UFO, it is what happened this march Near the ISS or “The International Space Station“, another UFO sighting, every time we talk about these sightings of NASA or ISS will raise many questions and many doubts, as always ufologists around the world are studying these cases to reveal the true nature and what exactly is the object sighted.

From the video we can see that the camera is set between the two mechanical arms of the ISS, but suddenly appears a shadow of a UFO!

This video was added on March 19 from StreetCap1 YouTube channel, it is a UFO researcher who along with many of his followers and colleagues said that the UFO in question whether it’s a real case of alien sighting, something of extraterrestrial that came to visit us.

While the scientific or part skeptics have speculated that it was just a piece of ice, a lens effect, or do not exclude the possibility of an optical effect caused by the sun.

ISS cameras caught footage of a ufo

My opinion:

Sometimes a UFO or “Unidentified Flying Object” can be confused with the effects of light, effects of camera lenses and even the whole could be a false footage…
In this case we can exclude that is a false, because we are talking of the ISS cameras, where no one has modified or manipulated the video, in NASA footage you can almost always see something strange, sometimes more obvious and sometimes less … in this case the only hypothesis that comes to mind is that it is a phenomenon given by the sunlight, but according to the image is too obvious that it has the form of a UFO as we all know.
So this case, being realistic is a 50% true in my opinion, we have thousands and thousands of official documents with high definition images attesting to the true presence of these UFOs better than this video… I leave you to imagine, and thanks for reading!

ISS cameras caught footage of a UFO

Useful references:

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