Mysterious rectangular flying object in china

A mysterious rectangular flying object in China made a lot of scare and attracted the attention of many ufologists, especially after the “floating city” phenomena and the “big smoke ring near the beach” china is clearly a very interesting place Where lately many extraterrestrial observations are being centered, in my opinion very bizarre and mysterious.

Mysterious rectangular flying object in china

The bizarre image shows an object of rectangular shape floating in the night sky of China, exactly on August 13th. Many people have posted photos of this mysterious object in the famous Weibo Chinese social media, there are many skeptics and theories.

Many say that it was a cloud projection, most plausible, many others describe the object as a mobile phone or a flying magic carpet.

Here is what reported by some users: “It looks like a cell phone!“, “The door of heaven is open,
Above is a flying carpet“.

For local media it was a spotlight projection on the clouds. So the mystery will remain for a long time, what do you say? Let me know below comments!

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