UFO ring spotted in China

A mysterious UFO ring spotted in China above Jinshitan beach in Dalian.
The UFO flew over the beach swirling in the air, many witnesses saw and filmed the incident with their mobile phones before the smoke ring faded into the clouds.

ufo ring spotted in china

Whoever resumed the video said: “There is an unidentified flying object appearing in the sky. It’s oval shape is expanding and it’s coming closer to us close and closer!

Before the video became viral, many Chinese media have tried to explain this strange phenomenon, many users from the web commented that this “UFO” is just an optical effect caused by an event near the beach. Many others say that this big ring of smoke was just a show near the beach, a kind of pyrotechnic show.

The question as almost always remains a mystery, many are the ufologists who have come forward to solve the case, but for now it is only hypotheses.

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