LEAKED Area 51 UFO Test Footage?

The Area 51 is undoubtedly one of the most strange and mysterious places in the globe, many theologians and Ufologist have studied this milestone for years and still continue.

We all recall that initially the government denied the existence of the base, but in 2013 something changed, the united states were forced to admit that area 51 existed and was also operational.

In the last hours, a video showing an UFO flying over the famous Nevada military base is honestly not the first time that these strange phenomena are flying over area 51, just google or youtube and you can see thousands sightings and theories!

LEAKED Area 51 UFO Test Footage image
leaked area 51 ufo test footage

The video was uploaded by Tyler Glockner the owner of the SecureTeam10 channel, the object’s movements are not fluent but rather fast and before the video finishes the UFO disappear in a strange glow. The video dates back to 1980 and 1990 and according to Tyler Glockner this video is really a very important discovery, and it is the footage most mysterious ever.

There are many conspiracy theories as base engineers apply reverse engineering processes, trying to get extraterrestrial technology, such as the UFO at NASA Laboratory.

Finally, many people believe that this is a video created specifically to raise controversy and panic, but this video seems to be really original and there is nothing to let it change for it. Many people believe that in Area 51 there are alien wrecks or UFOs where they are subjected to laboratory experiments, there are those who claim that this site is a bridge that connects us with extraterrestrial civilizations or aliens subjected to interrogations from Part of the military officers.

Will this be true? Whether you believe it or not, one thing is certain, the mystery of the area 51 after years continues to crush millions of people around the world and who knows if one day the truth will come out…

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