UFO at NASA Laboratory – Jet Propulsion

UFO at NASA laboratory’s in the “Jet Propulsion Laboratory of Los Angeles”,
with the tecnology of the last years is possible with Google Earth to see the Earth Planet in every detail as possible, including 3D view, or even see Mars or our “Moon” satellite.
So it is normal for us ufologists hunt for UFOs also by this software! What not to do to hunting UFOs? I personally do everything!

This awesome discovery has been shown by a YouTube user “Name Shame”, immediately after this, many triggered skeptics controversy, comments like “Spend hours and hours at the computer for what? Come out of the house and make a real life!“. Of course such comments even deserve so much importance …

Thus coming to us, what is it that the disc-shaped object?

The image of UFO at NASA laboratory from Google Earth

ufo at nasa laboratory

Many the opinions about whether the object is a NASA experiment, For example, the famous author “Nigel Watson“, said that it is a real disc-shaped aircraft, but doubts that it is a recovered extraterrestrial object, “of course they would not leave it so easy at the eyes of satellites, because our planet is full of them“.

So it may be many things, the first to be put forward is that of the popular reverse engineering, ie a recovery of an extraterrestrial object so that we can study it and recreate the same technology, here we are talking of conspiracy.

However UFO hunters, no more talk I know you were waiting for the coordinates!

Go to google map to see with your own eyes: 34°12’20.08″N 118°10’16.01″W

My opinion on the case: UFO at NASA laboraty

This time it’s a real photo, skeptics have no excuses, this is a real image of a UFO shaped aircraft, no one modify the map and the most interesting thing is that we are talking about one of the NASA laboratories, the only possible hypothesis is that it is a game of perspective or an optical effect, but in nature there are not many things with this form, say it is not a UFO, it means you will deny the obvious … I do not think that the NASA joking us, as always, sooner or later the truth will out.

What do you think about it? Leave your own opinion here in the comments!


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