Fiery flying object in the skies of Manurewa, UFO case?

A video that is recently on the web is raising a dust, especially is attracting various ufologists from around the world, in the video you can see a strange aircraft moving in the skies of the New Zealand city.

fiery flying object in the skies of manurewa

It was precisely shot on July 31 and spread by a youtube channel, let’s say the truth is never easy to understand the nature of these sight objects, among the most popular hypotheses there is the possibility that it was a plane, the owner of the Youtube channel, asks its followers: “Can a jet stop in the air?

There is no evidence that the fiery flying object in the skies of Manurewa is of extraterrestrial nature.

We’ve also recently been on the lookout for Sydney UFO sighting in Australia, specifically at Avalon Beach. Do these sightings have something in common?


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