UFO sighting in Lecce – Italy, Salento

The incredible UFO sighting in Lecce – Jan 7:38 pm

This time the UFO sighting in Lecce is a mysterious unidentified object gaseous form has been spotted in the Italian skies, exactly in Lecce, in southern Italy.

To resume the UFO it was spotted by a man named Lucio Margiotta musician who posted the video on his facebook page.

Here is the image of when the UFO is transformed into a ring-shaped object.

ufo sighting in lecce

What it said Luciano Margiotta was:

I do not know what it was and how to explain it, but it is very strange, I was with my girlfriend.

The video was shot on January 9 around 7:38 pm, the video has aroused much controversy, some say that it was the planet Venus because that time of year reaches the peak of its brightness, but the fact remains the curiosity of why the object was described that moving and changing shape.

This is the video in question that in a few hours it became viral and capturing the attention of all the ufologists in the world:

A few days ago came out a case similar UFO sighting in Lecce, it’s a video shot by the Chilean navy reported in 2014 but made public only a few days ago, and this has given us a lot of material to study, as ufologists always search of extraterrestrial events and bizarre objects.

To shoot the video was a soldier on board an aircraft that flew over the sea west of the coast of chile santiago,
The video shows an object moving very quickly, leaving a trail of smoke behind, the shape is spherical, useless attempts to communicate with the unidentified object.

Here’s the video of the sighting:

The general Ricardo Bermudez heads of CEFAA “government agency that examines UFOs“, he said: “We do not know what it is, but we know what wasn’t…

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