UFO landed in Southern California?

Many sightings in the United States of America. Many of these still a mystery, while others have much more damning evidence. Recently a UFO landed in Southern California, these days a video went viral, the video shows a lighted object at high speed whiz against the ground of our planet.

Footage about the “weird object”
ufo landend in southern california

Many people have seen the UFO by shooting videos and commenting on the event, this is not the only remarkable event which took place in recent days, as the case in Dallas where all the anti-aircraft sirens were activated causing panic for possible air attack.

Video UFO landed in Southern California in a few hours reached 60,000 views and many comments, many of them found it a few ballistic missile test and this time the experts have come one more time to say that all ‘origin of this phenomenon is not a UFO but a meteor, but there are those who still believes it was an alien spacecraft intends to land on our beautiful earth planet … hard to say what it was, unfortunately, the ufology most cases does not have a real answer.

My opinion:

You know very well, and for who read for the first time on one of my articles, well you are welcome! I saw thousands of videos on youtube of asteroids entering our Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrated due the friction even seen with my own eyes .. what is shown in the video describes Twitter alone, a meteor, there is also the ‘hashtag #meteor

The project that I started I is not the usual site for UFO sightings, but a real community that does not swell the news but that analyzes and tell the right, and I hope this will open the eyes of many, I’m not saying that UFOs do not exist, but I say that sometimes our fear of being alone in this world is too much and this is clouded by simple natural phenomena, or better to say .. phenomena that occur in the universe every second!

This is the video of the incident

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