Sphinx found on Mars? Detailed analysis

The UFO hunter Joe White claimed to have stumbled upon the remains of a sphinx found on Mars, we are talking about a alien origin long since forgotten on our Martian planet? So Joe White presented his bizarre discovery to the public after browsing several photos taken from rover curiosity of the space agency.

Sphinx found on mars, detailed image
sphinx found on mars

This has sparked a big debate in the internet world, the first impressions are that the rock composition clearly recalls an Egyptian sphinx. The UFO hunter Joe on the description of his video wrote “A close look at the five different angles of the giant sphinx of Mars“.

A bit of history… We can say that the big sphinx is the most famous symbol of the great Egypt, and it is believed that dates back to the reign of the pharaoh Khafre between 2558 and 2532 BC.
It is a half-man and half-lion creature, and its imposingness intimidates anyone in front of it.

Now let’s talk bout our case… Mr. Joe White said that it is a unique find, it is like having found a connection between the earth and our red planet Mars. This could be the irrefutable proof of an extraterrestrial civilization we’ve been looking for for hundreds of years. This could be just the tip of the iceberg… we imagine digging deep beneath the Martian soil, many are the ufologists who hypothesize that there are ancient finds very similar to the sphinxes or pyramids.

His video has reached about 4000 thousand views and as always the sources of thought are divided into 2 parts; the first is that of the skeptics assume that it is simply a psychological joke called “pareidolia” where our brain recognizes shapes as objects familiar to us, very often this phenomenon is found simply looking at the clouds…

many others speculate that it is only a randomness that has the sphinx shape.. The rest of the opinions by ufuologists and UFO hunters indicate that this is a real case and should not to be underestimated, for this we will need more years, so we could send the rovers to dig and bringing out these magnificent extraterrestrial historical finds! What do you think?

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