Noises from the sky, an alien invasion?

Noises from the sky, an alien invasion? Probably yes, or who knows.. but first of all keep calm, do not panic! It is an event that happened in Britain, this terrifying alien noise broke out as a viral news on the web these days, but the news is TRUE and this phenomenon exists.

Noises from the sky, an alien invasion?!

Noises from the sky, an alien invasion

It can be described as a metallic sound … a buzz, or even a terrifying noise!

This buzz has been heard in various parts of the world, a very strange effect, here is one of many witnesses of what claims to have heard:

Calvin Kirklew, a person resident in Nottingham was at home with his friend when at some point have been heard a metallic noise that lasted about 35 minutes, both he and his friend were immediately alarmed and were shocked of ‘it happened, neither understanding what it was or where this noise it came from.

The terrifying thing is that they are not the only ones who heard this noise like a metallic ringing, but was heard and documented by other people in different places!
Even today no one can give a scientific explanation that is logical, astrophysicists speculate that it is a “Space Quake” a tremor like an earthquake but about our magnetic field.

The Ufologist and conspiracy theory are certain that the loud noise is caused by alien spacecraft, somewhat unsettling… Honestly I think this thing is very scary, to hear something that you can not see! And if these really are alien spaceships that are keeping us under control?
We’re talking that the apocalypse is near? Many believe this theory, soon the aliens will come to visit us and they’ll finish our species, this may be possible, but to what end? An interplanetary conquest? Who knows ….

The alien invasion has always been the result of inspiration in novels and science fiction films, tell me your opinion about this bizarre and strange phenomenon!

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