Ancient tank discovered on the moon?

In the last few days, some hunters of aliens have highlighted anomalies on the surface of Venus. According to many of them, these are military artifacts of alien nature, but in the last hours a news is circling the world, it is an ancient tank discovered on the moon, this was possible thanks to some images taken by NASA from part of the team that deals with this field.

On Youtube channel “SecureTeam10“, which has about 880,000 subscribers, a really amazing video has been uploaded. The channel owner “Tyler Glockner” claims that after seeing some of these shots has discovered a great discovery, a real alien weapon, looks very similar to our tanks.

Ancient tank discovered on the moon – footage
ancient tank discovered on the moon

Tyler says that we find ourselves a real mystery, there are many hypotheses on Youtube of ufologists and many other people, is this a big rock? If it was a tank how old would it be? Of course we are talking about thousands of years, if not millions.

Since the news has been around the world and the video has reached over 500,000 visits, the scientific community has come forward, explaining that this object is nothing more than a big rock, and by chance the effect of light makes it look like a shape very similar to a tank. My question is this… is it possible that all these objects we observe on other planets almost always have forms we know?

Think about it, when we look at the sky and observe the clouds very often in them there is always something that resembles a natural, or artificial figure.

This is my only dilemma, however, NASA has not yet exposed this story and this raises even more questions among people… there is just to wait one day in which we will find the answers we were looking for, one day where humans will colonize other planets.

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Video about the ancient tank


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