Aliens on the Apollo and Curiosity missions

Aliens on the Apollo and Curiosity missions, is what a team of Italian ufologists known as “G.I.S.U.” dealing with many cases on sightings of aliens.
In this case a really fresh news, the team discovered on some shots of Curiosity rover that an object appeared in the frame, and then disappear in the following.

From Curiosity to Apollo missions the aliens are spying on us?

aliens on the apollo and curiosity missions

What is it? We do not actually know what is the object is but it certainly is something extraterrestrial, maybe a spaceship, the form may suggest that it is a flying saucer.

The unidentified object flew over the area where the Curiosity rover was, probably to spy on our little and helpless robot, who knows .. anyway Italians UFO researchers are investigating the case as well as possible.

It is not the first time in images from NASA in extraterrestrial planets are noticed forms of non-human creature, as in this case you can see in the following image:

Image taken by the rover Curiosity

ufos in mars curiosity rover

As for the Apollo missions from small videos you can see the non-human structures, for example in the video where the astronaut puts the American flag on the moon, you can see a large structure, a shadow that is not compatible with that reflected on American astronaut’s helmet.

The President of G.I.S.U. He wonders if NASA really told us everything about the moon and on Mars missions, for you Martian extraterrestrial entities are the same as those of the Moon?

In my opinion, are objects of different shapes, the image taken by NASA where you can notice an abnormality, often they have more and different forms, it is likely to have the same culture but with different spaceships? Do you think NASA is clutching the secret extraterrestrial civilizations?

Coming to conclusions sometimes more images we have and more we ask ourselves questions without reaching a real certainty, sometimes for a tampered image, sometimes for images too grainy or some hoax to make mass media.

What do you think about aliens on the Apollo and Curiosity missions? Comment your opinion below!

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