Varginha UFO incident – Revealed As Hoax?

In 1996 there were events noted and captured by the military of extra-terrestrial activity in a place called Varginha in Brazil. The first time the sightings were broadcast was on a Sunday television show which was quickly picked up media attention worldwide. It was so widely reported that it was even mentioned in the Wall Street Journal! In the whole history of possible UFO sightings and recordings the Varginha UFO incident is the most noted in Brazil in modern times.

The picture show the symbol of the UFO incident
varginha ufo incident

When the government was approached in regards to the sighting they denied having any involvement of a speculated capture of aliens in any way shape or form. This denial was not accepted by theorists who claim that a capture did take place but has been covered up. Unfortunately there is a great lack of reliability when it comes to source evidence. Of the numerous reports made the people involved were not named which meant they could not be followed up.
Many cases regarding UFO’s especially when they cannot be disproved for sure are extremely complicated and the Varginha UFO incident is no different. It was the lack of evidence in physical form that has led to the sightings being questioned. Unfortunately without them it cannot be verified.

Media reports say that the first sighting of the creatures were by three young women under 21. They say that they had seen first-hand the creatures one winter afternoon in 1996. The creature is described as being about 5 foot in height and having a head that is not in proportion with the body due to its size and a body that is extremely thin. The feet are described as being V shaped and the skin is said to be brown. The eyes were red and the creature seemed unsteady on its feed which led to the speculation that it may not have been well or injured on landing.

On seeing the creature the three girls went home and told their mother that they had come face to face with the devil. Of course there mother did not believe what they had told them and went to see for herself. All that was left when she arrived was a smell of ammonia and the footsteps that had been left behind. Word soon spread of their sighting which lead to widespread rumours within the city of a possible military cover up.

Only two days after the first incident another creature was spotted lying in a road which was later collected by three military trucks. A local zoo janitor also saw a creature that was described to be similar and in the months after the report three animals in the zoo died of mysterious causes.

Another sighting in the town was reported by two local farm owners. They claim to have seen a UFO that was hovering directly above the cattle that lived there. The animals became agitated while the object continued to hover above them for around 40 minutes.

The Varginha UFO incident sighting reported by the three young girls was disbanded after an official enquiry reported back that their sighting was in fact a homeless human male. He was mentally ill and unstable as well as being covered in mud. As for the tracks from the military vehicles, they were said to have been due to a normal schedule not to do with the possible alien sighting.

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