USS Nimitz UFO incident – HOAX?

USS Nimitz UFO incident took place during November of 2004 when U.S. fighter pilots encountered an unidentified flying object, which later become known as “tic-tac”. In 2017 the footage of the occurrence was released to the public and became one of the most hotly discussed topics among ufologists.

USS Nimitz UFO incident

The video itself does not offer a clear image, due to the nature of radar systems. However, there are several factors that make this case one of the most fascinating studies in the field. Firstly, the existence of an audio recording of pilots experiencing the visual contact the object. Secondly, Interview given by one of the pilots. Thirdly, a report was done by Washington post about Department of Defense’s operations to analyze the sighting and was later confirmed by the Pentagon itself, giving the sighting more legitimacy.

David Fravor, a Navy Pilot with decades of experience, is the centerpiece of USS Nimitz UFO incident. His skepticism in the subject quickly evaporated, when the training mission encountered something that could not be explained. Skeptics often explain such events by a secretive technology being tested, weather balloons, or unreliability of the witnesses. None of them applies to this eye witness.

Not only would he be aware of something that could be explained by our current technologic capabilities, but also the routine nature of their training operations would make the area unsuitable for any testing by different military branches. This also makes him immune to the claims of him not being able to differentiate something as mundane as a weather balloon, natural occurrence or mechanical dysfunction from UFO.

One of the main reasons that cause the USS Nimitz UFO incident to be a fascinating study is its continuous nature. The encounter with “tic-tac” was not a one-off incident. US Navy was following the unknown object for almost two weeks. At one point over 8 objects were seen on the radar. This was not some sort of the glitch on a radar system of the single ship. This was an organized operation by a fleet of ships to track down an unknown intruder.

The occurrence, in which David Fravor took part in when he and several other pilots directly encountered the UFO was a culmination of the chase. However, even after that event, several anomalies on the ocean surface where seen. Some point looked disturbed as if something has been hovering over them, however, no further visual contact was made.
What truly transpired during USS Nimitz UFO incident is debated till this day. Several things are known for certain, the U.S. Navy fleet deemed the occurrence noteworthy enough to initiate the chase, which lasted for two weeks. No one who took the part in it can give an explanation of what happened.

David Fravor, a veteran Navy pilot was shaken by the incident and after 2 years retired from the navy. He said that after his jet returned to the carrier, his description of the events were ridiculed by his colleagues. What showed up on U.S. fleets radars for two weeks and what managed to evade most sophisticated military in the world, remains a mystery till this day.

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