Strange Triangular Formation in the United Kingdom

Strange triangular formation in the United Kingdom. Here’s what happened recently, Britain a very nice place, but not for this reason it is free from bizarre and crazy sightings, has recently been reported by a Ufologist with 10 years of experience an apparent group of “lights” forming the figure of a triangle.

the picture shows the 3 weird light objects
strange triangular formation in the United Kingdom

The expert ufologist claims to have seen these objects fly out of his house, so for his joy of years of research, he went out of the house to better recording this strange and bizarre formation of these three flying UFOs.

The picture is unfortunately not very definite but you can notice how accurate their layout is, will UFOs like to travel together?

It is not the first time that objects are seen in the skies all over the world in triangular form, as in the case of “Belgian UFO wave sightings” where the story is very famous.

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