UFO spotted in porto Miggiano – Italy

There are many UFO sightings in italy, this time an ufo spotted in Porto Miggiano, an area in south of italy.

The bright object appeared in the morning many times behind a lighthouse, what is it about?
The witness in this case give us a very important point: he says he has not seen the UFO with his own eyes, but from the camera shoot you can see that we have a very strange luminescent object.

Here the original footage of the sighting
ufo spotted in porto miggiano

So this is still the lens flare?!…. “In a nutshell: an optical effect caused by the lens of a camera”. The answer might be yes! But not al all… from the latest updates, other witnesses claim to have seen it with their own eyes, so the mistery becomes more complicated than expected, more witnesses come out and more we have to take this story seriously.

Another hypothesis: It could be a plane, but we look at the picture … they look like two bright lights detached from each other, I do not think this is the answer we were looking for…

Currently, people are still looking for answers to this phenomenon as there is another UFO sighting in Salento.

In a nutshell, this area in Italy is known for sightings and there are hundreds of videos that testify, just surfing on youtube and we have many content and footages to study.

Have we come to a conclusion? NO.. We only have a few pictures and although they are sharp with an interesting object like 2 nearby light spots it does not tell us anything, it is not a triangular shape, it does not look like some alien spaceships, I know they will have a far advanced technology so the hypothetical alien spacecraft could have any “shape“.

But this is not a rule, we have thousands of documents attesting that extraterrestrial flying objects have triangular shapes, in most well-defined parts, or even a normal disk shape. In this case was it too far and so we only see its glow? We will never know.

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