UFO Spotted in Northridge – Los Angeles

The UFO spotted in Northridge it is reported recently by one my friend named Christopher who witnessed this UFO, we know that Los Angeles is a city where we have the largest number of UFO sightings, particularly in the second World War when hundreds of americans fired on mysterious target during the “battle of Los Angeles“.

Now let’s analyze the witness version:

Our witness claims to have seen several red objects at about the height of 2000 meters “6561 feet” with around other smaller but similar objects moving around, lights accompanied by a weird sound, this is another autentic UFO sighting, we have to believe this story? The source of the information is quite safe!

Furthermore, the witness says he was one of the few to have seen the UFO at Northridge due time they were around 11:30 p.m.

My friend Christopher sent to me 5 photos of the unidentified objects, but I I’ve selected one “the most clear and detailed“.

These forms are very familiar to us… it is not the first time that we see small red lights!

ufo spotted in northridge

The photo with the zoom, we can see in detail that the photo shows a bizarre cluster form, it seems gaseous

los angeles ufo spotted near northridge

It is needless to say that my attention was attracted especially by the “gaseous form” where borns a lot of questions, for me this is the most strange detailed and unexplained phenomenon in this photo!

But what is this? Guys here is not a simple and common sightings, but a real form never seen before!

For many years, UFO sightings are stored, even documents filed by the United States regarding thousands of sightings … our question is:

These documents and photos will clarify a bit our ideas about these unexplained phenomenon??

What do you think about the case of “UFO spotted in Northridge“? Leave a commenti if you want share your opionion!

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