UFO Sightings at Costa Rica Volcano

The incredible History of UFO Sightings at Costa Rica Volcano

The long history of UFO sightings at Costa Rica Volcano is the most debatable topic among several ufologists and paranormal activity researchers. Across the globe, UFO sightings have often been noticed over majestic and mighty volcanoes. On the other hand, mountains are considered as the places on which supernatural, divine, and mysterious events occur throughout the history, along with volcanoes. An ideal opportunity is provided for UFO sighting by the ongoing Turrialba volcano eruption in Costa Rica.

In addition to this, a ufologist from Peru by the name of Sixto Paz Wells has penned several books on the topic for the purpose of transcending the continuum of space-time that most of us make efforts to gain understanding. In his recent lecture in Costa Rico, Mr. Paz stated that volcanic and seismic activities are of great importance as most of the UFOs are observed flying near these places. It is assumed that the technology of these UFOs absorbs energy from volcanoes. Therefore, the Turrialba volcano can be station from where the UFO obtains energy.

Mr. Paz is also known for his contact with some intelligent beings that are not associated with our atmosphere. His interview to the Exopaedia claimed that a race of humans who looked like Mongolian originally belonging to the Orion constellations have created a base on one of the moons of Jupiter. As a result of this, numerous UFO sightings along with extraterrestrial contact have occurred in the desert area of Peru.

Another Costa Rica UFO sighting took place at Cartago, which has been captured on a photograph near the Irazu Volcano National Park.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has assigned the UFO sighting with the case number 74756 in their reporting database. As stated by the witness, he was in the park area on February 24th, 2016 with his girlfriend. The weather was clear with no clouds, and the sun was shining like a golden ball when the incident occurred during 11:06 a.m. He further elaborated that the volcano is about 3,400 meters in height located closer to the biosphere where the couple was strolling. He reported that the sky was clear that even an airplane could have been noticed on that altitude during the 11 a.m.

ufo sightings at costa rica volcano

The couple was capturing pictures of the landscape and volcano.

ufo at costa rica volcano

The tour ended, and both of them moved towards home. The witness said that while looking the pictures, he noted a black circle juts above the mountainous region. The object somehow projected a circular craft with two antennas. One of the antennas was placed on the top of the craft, whereas the other one was fixed on its tail. In one of the image, the flying object can be evidently seen. In less than a minute, the object has vanished that can be seen in the next image.

With that statement, the witness forwarded three images along with the report and it the case was registered on February 5th, 2016 and group director of the MUFON, Chase Kloetzke has taken significant actions for the investigation of the UFO in Costa Rica 2016.

costa rica ufo zoom

The national park of Izaru Volcano situated in the “Central Volcanic Conservation Area” of Costa Rica is incorporated with the area that was once known by the name of Ruben Torres Rojas Forest Reserve. The area is now termed as the Prusia Forest Reserve. The volcano in that forest is still active, while the last eruptions occurred during the years 1963 and 1965 and are accompanied by the small amount of lava and minor eruptions. It should be noted that numerous UFO sightings are described as something supernatural or human-made.

Here a video of UFO sightings at Costa Rica volcano, filmed by commercial pilot in 2013


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