UFO Sighting in Ottawa – Black flying object

UFO Sighting in Ottawa – Canada a triangular object

This time we are in Canada, exactly in the cold city Ottawa.

The alert was sent to me by one of my followers, anonymously, then we have no description of the incident, but we have a point in our favor, this time the shape of our UFO is something familiar because it is triangular.

We know that the triangular sightings are most frequent, then the sighting of UFO really increases his credibility.

Hours 6:23 am UFO sighting in Ottawa

ufo sighting in ottawa

This photo captures the moment when our unidentified object flew above the house of our lucky witness.

Impressive right? This is one of the beautiful things in the world of ufology, find out who lies behind certain images and video, but let’s analyze in detail the photo..

– The unidentified object is of black color triangular shape.

– At the center of the UFO you may notice a little red light.

UFO is illuminated, where the lights are positioned not clear “usually the positioning of the lights is at the ends of the edges” but doing a zoom you can see something.

– The object slightly blurred, probably because the photo was taken when the UFO flying.

Nowadays we have stored over thousands of sightings in the skies of a triangle form, and this one is definitely part of it, it was not of a flock of birds, these would not have the form.

An airplane? Even, for though the planes from one perspective may seem triangular, but our object is black .. so this is not the case, the picture you see is clear… and it is clear that the unidentified object is uniform without wings.

It is not a human creation, if we put the case to be edited on a computer, what ever will be? It would be a miracle to be able to edit a picture so good!

As always if you are interested in this you can send yours sightings via email to Contact@ufosightingstoday.org
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