UFO Sighted in Calgary, or just a meteor?

There are many UFO sightings around the world, the internet is full by these alien discoveries, in this article we will talk about UFO sighted in Calgary, also we will analyze how thousands of people have sighted this weird fireball in the sky, or understand if was meteor like in the most cases?

ufo sighted in calgary

The video uploaded to youtube comes from a market security camera in British Columbia. The pictures show a very intense light which illuminate the entire night sky before disappearing into a flash, hundreds of people who were going to Hornby Island, which is more than a thousand miles away, they said and witnessed a big ball of fire crossing the sky.

A woman resident in the area near Cariboo says that at first it seemed to be a lightning strike, but after she realized that the sky was cloudless. Many other witnesses immediately thought it was a meteorite, but only after informing by local news there was no meteorite activity on the lookout area.

What was it about? Certainly UFO hunters around the world have studied the case, even local police confirmed that they had received several phone calls from British Columbia by many people who said they saw an UFO.

After days of investigation, many witnesses came to light, including a person called Kevin, who said that a red flame came out of the east, like a fire, and after about two minutes there was also a thunderous thunder. The local police confirmed that they did not know how to explain what it was.

For us it will remain a mystery, but perhaps one day science will be able to explain everything…

Video Source: Rumble Viral

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