UFO in Seborga “Italy” REAL or FAKE?

Thus began the story of a man who spotted a UFO in Seborga in the province of Imperia, Italy.

Our witness comment: It is about 8 am, in the direction of the hill I see two illuminated objects with a disc form, so fast “almost at supersonic speed” that I had difficulty following them with my phone.

ufo in seborga

Immediately after the report was taken in the event by the Italian association alien research or better (A.I.R.A), which after a series of checks, inspections and interviews have come to the conclusion that this is an exceptional case and really consists of unidentified intelligent objects.

The president of the association, the ufologist Roberto Maggioni has come to the conclusion that the witness was very reliable after three direct interviews and investigations, confirming that the video is interesting and unique.

There are many ufologists involved in this case, including a well-known Italian ufologist which comment:

On the scene we have two unidentified luminous objects, one of them makes small rotary movements, while after we have a second object arrive at a moderate speed, then after a pause, splashes away at supersonic speed. Among the objects appear bright points that seem crazy and head in all directions: the witness states that they were not visible to the naked eye and so we are inclined to think it is just “dust” in backlight.

The behavior of the two UFOs in our eyes is meaningless and devoid of connections, this could be a confirmation that it was not a human creation, but a alien behavior to us unknown. With this we can say that we have filed another extraterrestrial phenomenon? It is not 100% sure but ufologists of every nation are working on the case to determine more precisely if it is a fake or a real encounter with two floating UFOs in the Italian skies, what do you think about the UFO in Seborga?

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