UFO cloud spotted in Sweden 2017

The incredible UFO cloud spotted in Sweden happened on 27.01.2017. This bizarre cloud appeared in the sky and sparked many theories and doubts, on instagram many comments, there are people who speculate apocalypse coming, or an alien invasion!

Many people took photos and published them on social media, what to say.. it’s really a strange cloud! It will really be an alien form? What does science say about it?

The experts and meteorologists confirm that it is a “lenticular cloud” which is simply a cloud formed thanks to the hill, these clouds are known for the dangerousness in flight of light aircraft, since they are very turbulent.

Typing “lenticular cloud” There are thousands of photos on google.
ufo cloud spotted in sweden

Here the photo taken of the “mysterious” cloud in Sweden

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So, we have our scientific explanation of the UFO cloud spotted in Sweden.

My opinion is this: sometimes the imagination of the people and this kind of fear to “accept” to be alone on the universe, can make these jokes, unfortunately you have to face reality in certain cases such as this. It was not a UFO but a simple natural process of the clouds. Obviously we are not alone, beyond our small and beautiful planet earth, surely there will be someone with the head upwards to ask our own questions … We are alone? Are they spying us? They will visit us one day?

I know we are human but i really love since I was a child to think about these things, that’s why I open this blog, for share my questions and what is happening in this world, and I hope everyone will find this blog interesting and not like the same ufo websites.. What do you think? let me know in the comments!


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