Trindade Island’s UFO Sighting – Deep analysis

The Trindade Island’s UFO sighting refers to an occurrence which took place on January 16, 1958. Island itself is a part of the archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, 1000 km from the east coast of Brazil. Photographic evidence, along with people witnessing the sighting, makes it one of the most debated accidents involving UFO. So much so that the topic has been garnering attention even in 2010. When it became a subject of a major Brazilian TV show.

Trindade Island’s UFO Sighting

It was claimed that the sighting was a hoax and photographer had a history of manipulating photos. However, it should be noted, that investigation which followed the event did not reach the same conclusion. In fact, Brazilian officials and navy were heavily involved in the case and according to the photographer, were afraid of the consequences and panic that would ensue if the general public became aware of them.

The person of interest in Trindade Island’s UFO sighting was a well-known photographer, AlmiroBarauna. He was on a ship belonging to Brazilian navy – Almirante Saldahna. The expedition was part of an international scientific project, known as IGY (International Geophysical Year), whose purpose was to study phenomena associated with earth sciences (e.g. gravity, solar activity, and meteorology). The occurrence took place at 11 a.m. and was witnessed by a ship’s captain and team of scientists. After informing AlmiroBarauna about it, he was able to take several pictures, before the object disappeared.

After ship returned to the mainland, pictures were heavily analyzed by Brazilian Navy’s Aerial Reconnaissance Laboratory, which deemed them genuine. Even though there was an attempt to keep Trindade Island’s UFO sighting a secret, it received worldwide publicity when then President of Brazil, JuscelinoKubitschek decided to go public with it.

Allegations about the inauthenticity of the photos surfaced in 2010. On a TV show Fantastico, friend of AlmiroBarauna accused him of faking the pictures by photographing two spoons combined with his refrigerator on the background. This, however, gave rise to a new questions. Firstly, before the sighting, Barauna published an article in a newspaper, about how UFO sighting could be faked. The method described in the article was the same he allegedly used for this hoax. However, this does not make sense because of two reasons.

First, it seems unlikely that Barauna would himself publish an incriminating article and then proceed to use the same method to lie to the public. He was a well-known photographer and a highly skilled one. It is hard to imagine that, if he indeed planned to commit a hoax, he would not foresee how his article would work against him. Secondly, the statement about him using his refrigerator as a background does not make much sense. Photos were taken on a ship. This was confirmed by the ship’s captain and scientist present on board. Why highly respected people would commit to this hoax, remains an unanswered question.

Finally here is what naval report of this accident had to say about Trindade Island’s UFO sighting: “Finally the existence of personal testimonies and of a photographer, of some value given the circumstances, permit the admission that there are indications of the existence of UFO. Brazilian naval report.

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