Trindade Island UFO – Real or Hoax?

A UFO that was reported to be seen flying over Trinidad Island was photographed during January of 1958. Although there were rumors stating that the photographic evidence was a hoax some people still feel that the Trindade Island UFO was very much a close encounter. When the photographs were shown on television it was mentioned that the photographer did have a history of producing fake photographs which brought a divide between the believers and non-believers.

It was midday on the 16th January 1958 when a Brazilian ship prepared to set sail from Ilha de Trindade. One of the members of the crew was Captain José Teobaldo Viegas who was part of the Air Force and a submarine photographer. With them were also numerous scientists and explorers.

The Captain was up on the deck with other crew members when he saw an object flying in the sky with a Saturn like ring around it. Other witnesses reported seeing the same thing. It is thought to have come from an eastern direction going towards The Wished Peak when it quickly turned and fled towards the North West. The photographer was called on deck to take pictures to prove to people when he got home.
the trindate island ufo mystery

Once the pictures were processed they were analysed carefully and considered real. This was also backed up by the military. Brazils then President Juscelino Kubitschek also gave confirmation of the pictures. There is still to this day no explanation other than the fact it was a real object not a phenomena that could have been easily explained.
It wasn’t until 2010 that a testimonial from the Barauna was revealed. The document stated that while aboard the ship around 11 in the morning the crew were getting prepared to go back to Rio De Janeiro when those crew members at the stern called everyone to come and see.

All fifty of the crew members witnessed a saucer shape of silver colour move over the sea heading for the island. There was no sound and the speed changed throughout the sighting. It left being it a trail that faded shortly after. The witnesses saw the object disappear behind Desejado Peak and waited in anticipation for it to come back into view. It came from the direction it was heading stopped and then sped towards the horizon. This allowed for 6 pictures to be taken, unfortunately only 4 survived but showed the UFO and all were unanimous in the reports they made later to the Secret Service.

Other investigators have said that the pictures taken were doctored or hoaxed in some way. This is down to the credibility of the photographer. He even publicised how easy it was to hoax a UFO before the Trindade Island UFO. Before the negatives were taken to be investigated he had them for two days. The witness statements were unable to be taken until days after which means that the certification of the validity could not be confirmed.
Some still believe in the Trindade Island UFO while others remain sceptical.

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