Travis Walton UFO incident

Being a witness to extraterrestrial activity is an experience of a lifetime, but being abducted by aliens is something on whole other level. This is what allegedly happened in what today is referred to as Travis Walton UFO incident. Due to the fact that Walton wrote a book about his experience, which was later adapted into a well-received movie, this remains one of the most well known and studied cases of abduction in ufology’s history.

The hero of this story, Travis Walton was a forester in Snowflake, Arizona. He was performing his duties, riding in the truck with his colleagues, when the unthinkable happened. According to him, he and his 6 co-workers, all witnessed a flying saucer hovering ahead. Stricken by curiosity he decided to approach the scene.

walton travisA beam of light descended from the spacecraft and took him away, knocking him unconscious in the process. You may think that this looks all too familiar with the routine you see in alien abduction movies. And skeptics often use that argument against this case. It is true that several weeks before this occurrence a rather popular TV movie, concerning human abduction, was released on NBC. And it is also true that the claims of abductions have incrementally increased after that movie garnered attention.

Walton claims that he was experimented on by his captors. Aliens he described were short of height and devoid of hair. He also recalls seeing a human-like a figure. However, he was unable to see his face, due to the helmet it was wearing. Walton did not stay conscious for a long enough, to remember more details, as he was effectively knocked out by a translucent mask put on him.

An undeniable fact is that Walton indeed went missing and foul play by his co-workers was suspected by local police departments. Giving weight to his claims was that he and almost all of his co-worker (except one) passes polygraph test administered by the National Enquirer, who also awarded them with monetary prize amounting to 5000 dollars. However, the trustworthiness of polygraph tests are often put in question and today it is widely known that there are several techniques, which you can use to effectively lie to the machine. 30 years later Travis Walton failed to pass it, when same test was applied on him on national television.

Apart from being much too similar to Hollywood script and havinobvious financial incentive, there is also one more reason to be skeptical about Travis Walton UFO incident. Walton had a background with UFO. More specifically he and his whole family were fascinated by the subject, to the point that they could be counted among the ranks of ufologists. There is no denying that not only did his abduction proved to be highly lucrative for him, but he continued to be heavily involved in the subject afterwards. Going as far as having his own UFO conference.

There are many unexplained events concerning the possible involvement of extraterrestrials that need to be answered. Unfortunately, it looks like Travis Walton UFO incident only garnered attention, because media outlets had really slow news week.

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