The mystery of Silpho saucer

In 1957 an unidentified object called Silpho was found, this strange and bizarre flying saucer is kept in a science museum. In 2018 a team of scientists wanted to analyze these strange remains to begin to see clearly on the issue, so it was discovered that the strange object is composed of pieces of copper where there are engraved hieroglyphics very similar to those found on the remains of the mystery of roswell in 1947.

silpho saucer mystery

Once the object was opened, 17 thin sheets of copper came to light and each of them contained hieroglyphs. Philip Longbottom has said that these hieroglyphics would be translated into a message containing 2000 words sent by an alien called “ullo“…. The message in summary was “improve or disappear“. The remains of the UFO were sent to the London science museum to be examined by experts.

To note that in 1963 “the unidentified object” that had a diameter of 45 centimeters and a weight of 15 kilograms was originally found by three men at Silpho Moor, near Scarborough in November 1957, from this it takes its name in “SILPHO“.

ufo silpho

More theories about the Silpho “saucer”

After the remains of the unidentified object were sent to London to be analyzed, they were later examined by Gordon Claringbull, a scholar who specializes in extraterrestrial objects such as meteorites, Gordon says he did not find anything unusual in the samples studied so much of the skeptics “Obviously” confirmed that it was just a “flying saucer” built specifically to make news, in a nutshell a real joke.

Later other tests were carried out at the University of Manchester and it was revealed that the shell of the unidentified object contained lead and the copper parts were of a purity never before seen, having said that it was concluded that Silpho did not arrive from space because there was no evidence that the object had been exposed to high temperatures, this obviously occurs when an object comes into contact with the earth’s atmosphere.

The remains of this mysterious object have remained hidden for over 60 years, maybe a future we could understand if it is a hoax or a real message came from an alien civilization.. who knows…

ufo silpho saucer

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