Stephenville Sightings

2008 was a year to remember for Stephenville, Texas. In a matter of weeks, a small city with 20,000 residents became a hotspot for ufologists and everyone who wants to believe. An event nowadays known as Stephenville sightings, took place on the 8th of November and to this day fascinates thousands of people.

Walking through an otherwise unnoticeable city, you are likely to encounter a group of tourists inquiring from locals the details about the incident that made the city known nationwide. The news of the happening reached as far as being mentioned on Larry King’s show, sparking debate as to what actually occurred on that fateful night.

stephenville Sightings

There are dozens of witnesses to Stephenville sightings and even though there is some variation to their stories, almost all of them swear to have seen a giant spacecraft being pursued by American fighter jets. The size of the spacecraft varies, from being a football field long to being a mile long and half a mile wide. What added fuel to the fire of conspiracy, was an initial denial by US Air Force that there were any fighter jets in the air that night. The statement was later redacted and blamed on a mistake in internal communication.

The new statement confirmed that there were in fact 10 jets that night flying over the area as a part of training operations. The presence of an unidentified flying object was of course denied. Major Karl Lewis, who was responsible for the first statement, suggested that it was just a case of sun rays playing on the wings of an airliner. His credibility, however, flew out of the window, after he had to confirm that jets were, in fact, present at that fateful night.

What is fascinating about Stephenville sightings is the number of people who saw them. While is possible that dozens of people in relatively small town could be able to orchestrate a hoax, in order to boost the flow of tourists into Stephenville, it seems like a stretch. Maybe not as long of a stretch as suggesting that U.S. air force was chasing a mile long spacecraft, but still. There is little doubt that people saw something.

At least it is known that the part of their story about seeing fighter jets is true, it has been confirmed by officials themselves. Might it be that they witnessed something that was not meant for their eyes? Maybe a top-secret military flying vehicle. But surely U.S. military would be competent enough to hide such a monstrosity, or at least not make it more visible by accompanying it with 10 fighter jets.

Whatever happened that night, Stephenville sightings became a nationwide discussion that continues to this day. Thousands of people visit the city every year, just to get in touch with people who witnessed the occurrence firsthand and maybe, just maybe, get the chance to experience something similar themselves. Stephenville’s sky is clear and starry and there are many eyes staring at it, in the hope to catch a glimpse of the unknown.


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