Roswell UFO incident – What happened?

In the middle of 1947 there was a crash of a US Air force balloon near to Roswell in New Mexico. This caused a lot of interest in the disc shaped object that was seen flying in the sky which was explained away as a weather balloon. People continued to be interested in what they had seen and were pretty sure that a simple weather balloon could not be the explanation.

Numerous people came up with conspiracy theories about UFO’s being the disturbance not the explained weather balloon. It was thought that there had been an alien craft crash and that aliens had been recovered by military personnel and covered up. This incident was known as the Roswell UFO incident.

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roswell ufo incident

It took till the 90s before the military made any disclosures beside the weather balloon explanation. They stated that a surveillance balloon from a project called Project Mogul was the cause, a nuclear test project. Even after this explanation people that had following the Roswell UFO incident remained unconvinced. So far it is the most famed incident reported even though the theories had been debunked.

A foreman that worked at the Foster Homestead found pieces of debris about 30 miles from the incident location in June 1947. The foreman and his son had seen an wreckage area but paid very little attention until returning in July with the rest of his family. After finding the debris he heard about the incident and reports that followed and wondered whether what he had found had anything to do with it.

The actual date he reported finding the object is argued with many different dates having been suggested. The area was combed over by an RAAF Major where they collected more pieces over 2 hours. All they could find was rubber and tin foil.

1947 Roswell newspaper

1947 roswell newspaper

By the distance of the balloons travel if this was indeed the explanation behind the Roswell UFO incident would have been at least 12 feet in length and weighed no more than 5lb. no metal was found which would signify an engine nor propellers but one fin made of paper was found glued to the foil. No words indicated where the object came from just a few letters that could not be traced. There was also a lot of Scotch tape found with flower print on.

Rumours continued and this was picked up by the press who after the Roswell Army field were able to collect the disc which had been stored until collection. It was taken to Roswell for inspection and then taken to Major Marcel for further investigation. It was then that it was released that the object was in fact a weather balloon.

Roswell Coordinates 33°58.1′N 105°14.6′W
roswell coordinates

Lots of interviews and documents were obtained up until the 90’s which indicated that at least one spacecraft of alien origin had been found and aliens recovered which then led to a government cover up. Books, television shows, films and articles were produced as a result of the alleged leaked information.

The majority of people who took part in a pole in the late 90’s were still of the belief that the Roswell UFO incident was a genuine alien crash landing that was being hidden from the general public. People who were involved and silenced at the time of the crash spoke up on their death beds to confirm the public’s majority theory.

1947 Roswell UFO Incident │ Documentary Full Movie

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