The Rendlesham Forest Incident December 1980

The Rendlesham Forest incident occurred during the December of 1980 that lasted for two nights. A series of unexplainable lights have been reported in that month near the Rendlesham Forest, which is located in England. Since then, the forest has been marked as a place on which UFO landing took place. The sighting of the UFO was first claimed by Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt who was the deputy base commander of the U.S Air Force.

Col. Halt: “I have confirmation that (Bentwaters radar operators)… saw the object go across their 60 miles (96km) scope in two or three seconds, thousands of miles an hour, he came back across their scope again, stopped near the water tower, they watched it and observed it go into the forest where we were.

Many of the ufologists highlighted that the occurrence of these series of UFO events in Britain is the best-acknowledged events of UFO around the world. Alongside the UFO incident of Berwyn Mountain, the Rendlesham Forest incident is placed parallel to the U.S. UFO incident of Roswell and is termed as the Britain’s Roswell. The immediate conclusion drawn after information attained from the witnesses indicated that sightings of the UFO cannot be taken as a National security threat as a result of which, no investigation was conducted by the Ministry of Defense.

On the other hand, some people assume that the Government of Britain is covering up the UFO sightings or due to their skepticism about the occurrence of these events they are considering them meteors, bright light coming from a nearby lighthouse.

rendlesham forest ufo

With all the sightings that have been noticed with the visible presence of UFO, it is not easy to determine the difference between hoax and reality or misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Numerous deceivers readily fake the news of a sighting, but the validity possessed by the Rendlesham Forest incident projects another dimension that can be observed from the witnesses’ statement, which were all military men.

The tape recorded by Col. Halt is the most valuable evidence for justifying the Rendlesham Forest incident. The running time of the tape is about 18 minutes and included different statements from Col. Halt. After the emergence of the tape, various sources approached Col Halt for interviews in which he provided the information that the Radar of Britain picked these incidences.

The signings were confirmed by the aid of two radars. In an interview taken by the AOL News after his retirement he stated that:

I didn’t know this until recently. Because people have come forward after, they’ve retired. There were two radar confirmations.

Another important witness of the sightings included Jim Penniston, who claimed that he had encountered a craft, which seemed to be covered in characters that resembled hieroglyphic symbols. According to the estimation of Penniston, the length of the craft was three meter, and the width was three meters. The craft was fixed on some legs without any apparent gears for landing.

He took 36 pictures of the craft after moving a little closer to it, and he also noticed a piece of fabric over the shell of the craft, which was opaque, smooth, and black. Following is the picture that shows symbols drawn on the craft as reported by Penniston.

rendlesham forest ufo sighting

rendlesham forest incident
Another drawing put forth by Penniston demonstrating the outlook of the craft

I am sure that with the passage of time and technological advancements, the secret underpinned by the Rendlesham Forest incident and other UFO sightings will be disclosed. These things could not be hidden from the public for a long time, no matter what the people in power do.

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