Phoenix Lights – The unsolved mystery

The Phoenix lights were a well reported anomaly where thousands claimed to see a UFO depicted by numerous lights over the Phoenix area. There were in fact 2 events which were the lights in what was described as a triangle and a separate lot of lights that were motionless. The second lot of lights were put down to being flares that had been dropped as part of a training exercise. An object shaped in a V was described to be around the size of numerous football pitches and lights that kept appearing in front of and disappearing behind it.

phoenix lights 1997

There was no sound produced and the object had about five lights or engines that emitted light. One of the witnesses was the governor at the time Fife Symington. Although before the sighting he was against thoughts of UFO’s and aliens he referred to the sighting many years later as being ‘otherworldly’.

A police officer also saw lights when he left his house driving towards the North from Paulden. He saw lights of a red/orange colour in a cluster with another following. On his return home he used binoculars to view the lights until they had completely disappeared. The lights were also reportedly seen in Prescott. Those that called described the object as being solid as it was able to block stars as it passed.

1997 – Original footage

As well as reporting’s in Phoenix there were reports further out including a report from a young man who was travelling to Los Angeles. In 2007 the same lights were reported and even reported by Fox News. They were disbanded as being flares. In April of 2008 this was when the lights were seen by residents of North Phoenix. They were reported to be in a vertical line then furthered from one another to form the shape of a diamond. Jets were also seen heading towards the lights, 3 in fact that were then denied by the Air Force.
the phoenix lights mystery
A hoaxer after being reported by his neighbor admitted that he had let of balloons with flares attached but there were never any photographs or names of the man. The images were filmed using a number of devices including one where a video which was of a spacecraft outline was lost. Other videos were not of great quality.

It is argued that while flares could explain some of the sightings the video and photographic evidence which was not of great quality was not able to prove or disprove the theories either way. As the movement of the Phoenix lights followed that of the wind direction it was possible that it was flares as was the fact the lights disappeared after a while.

It is said that the V lights could have been separate lights that the human eye had joined due to illusion. Although there are many possibilities that have been put forward to explain the Phoenix lights there is no proof either way to fully support speculation. At present it remains a mystery that is argued until the present day.

2007 – Original footage

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