Orange UFO sighted over somerset, england.

Warminster is an English town located in Wiltshire, this town have the title of UFO sighting capitals, and for this reason not too long ago an orange UFO sighted over somerset, certainly not the first time, this place is very famous for these phenomena inexplicable and paranormal, such as the inexplicable murder of many birds, mysterious noises, sightings of bright spheres in the sky, and malfunctions found in automobiles or electronic objects after UFO appearances.

orange ufo sighted over somerset

In the last period, an object unidentified by many citizens was spotted, and this was given a name of “warminister thing“.

As reported by “the express” when the national media spread the news, they made it clear that the nature of this mysterious object could have been alien, but this time it seems that this is not… so because the AeroSPARX agency was explaining to us, it was a special acrobatic plane that usually staged unique pyrotechnic shows.

This could also explain the statements made by the eyewitness that has taken the video “Jeremy La Fere“, which spoke of a very fast flying object, which carried out brutal maneuvers, and was followed by a bright red / orange tail.

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