NASA Leak UFO wreck found on Mars

Conspiracy theorists are confident that rover curiosity has taken a picture that would testify to existence on aliens on mars.

ufo wreck found on mars

NASA Leak UFO wreck found on Mars

The rover took the picture of the strange object in March, publishing the photo was a reddit user named Prosaic Origin, the one that strikes is the accompanying caption, the conspiracy exponents begin to insinuate that NASA Is working alongside aliens, hence the debates of many users, each with their own opinion.

The case has been studied by many ufologists, it seems to them a real alien spaceship, but as usual the image is not very focused and its identity is not well understood.
One of the explanations given by NASA is that the object could be a debris of Mars Rover or its landing system.

Is it an optical illusion, the usual phenomenon of the lens problem?

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