Mexico, the first UFO sighting of 2018

According to a video published recently, a mysterious vertical object seems to float in the skies of Mexico, not unidentified yet, the ufologists and enthusiasts have named it the “first UFO sighting of 2018“.

the first ufo sighting of 2018
first ufo sighting of 2018

The 2018 began with an extravagant sighting of unidentified object, this time the video was shot by a woman in Mexico and uploaded on social media, in detail the video shows a mysterious object that seems to float in the air, the thing that has attracted many experts and ufologists is that the object in question has a very bizarre shape, a tubular shape, “very narrow but long object“.

The sighting was made by this Mexican citizen while traveling by car in the California baja.

According to the hypothesis of the appassionate about UFOs “Pedro Ramirez”, there would have been a spike in alien activity in the last two months of last year 2017. All this based on the hypothesis that we are launching many rockets in space, and this will cause many sightings, Ramirez is convinced that aliens are aware of our projects and all space launches, which for them would be “war actions“, so they are worried and start monitoring our planet, and this phenomenon will be more and more frequent.

Do you think that the human race is technologically advanced in order to present a threat to other alien civilizations? I do not think so, in case it is the opposite!

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