Huge hole on mars – An alien base?

There are many studies that NASA does to prove that life has existed in Mars, the photos recently released by scientists have been subjected to many studies by well-known ufologists. Specifically, we are talking about a huge hole on mars, and this has led many people to investigate what it is, how they are, and their nature.

Huge hole on mars – picture
huge hole on mars

The photos in question were taken by the Mars Reconnaissence Orbiter probe, NASA would find a huge well, surrounded by frozen carbon dioxide, this strange hole is situated in the south pole region, the big hole measures 30 meters, many scholars are convinced That this huge pit would have been a lake for about 700 million years, but it is not possible to explain its creation.

However, there are some hypotheses, the origin of this large hole may have occurred because of alava tubes that collapsing on themselves would leave holes, or by floods a long time ago or by the sublimation mechanism. That said no proof at the time of these assumptions, though scientists are quite convinced.

Ufologist are firmly convinced that an alien civilization would have inhabited Mars many years ago and so gave their explanation to NASA’s images, according to expert theories, when the climatic conditions of the planet were no longer favorable, the inhabitants would emigrate into the subsoil, According to the well-known YouTube Channel officer Tyler Glockner, SecureTeam10 said it was a hole in artificial origins, even with some glass tunnels that would serve alien civilization to move without exposure to the radiation around the planet Mars.

Video about the huge hole on Mars

What do you think about this article? Do really exist an alien civilization in Mars? I think many years ago “millions” probably yes, NASA still studying if life existed in this mysterious red planet.


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