Guy Hottel Memo – Popular FBI file

The most popular file in the FBI Vault about UFOs it is named Guy Hottel Memo and has been published thanks to the adoption of the “Freedom of information act“. Thanks to this many confidential documents have become public knowledge.

The telegram was made public in 2011 on the FBI’s website, and from there it has become the most popular file in the FBI history, with over 1 million views, probably also thanks to its content that made him particularly well-known.

The telegram goes back to the 50’s and was sent by an agent with the name of “Guy Hottel Memo” and was received by the director of the headquarters of Washington named John Edgar Hoover where was taken and studied.

But what this document is about to be become so well-known? Here a brief description.

In simple words the UFO sighting was in new mexico and Guy Hottel agent said he saw three flying objects with a very defined disc-shaped, each of the flying objects housed three aliens dresses with metallic suits, coveralls or similar to the testers aircraft, the flying objects were big more or less 15 meters.

So seeing the full image below if despite being such a detailed description, it was not taken as a real proof of the existence of UFOs, while in the following years there have been various denials and speculation about the document written by Guy hottel, so I leave you to imagine, dream and study in your way this bizarre case, the case of the most popular file in the FBI Vault..

My opinion: I just study the case few days ago and really looks interesting but for me this description it is only the witness imagination, too many details, it looks like a science fiction movie and we are talking about 50’s :D.

The actual image of the telegram published by the FBI

guy hottel memo

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