Crashed UFO Found In Antarctica?

The news of a Crashed UFO found in Antarctica has been around the world these few days, there are so many news in the world of ufology, new mysteries like the recent sighting of ancient tank discovered on the moon, but this time we still on the earth planet, precisely in Antarctica.

We know that Antarctica is a very far and desolate place, without civilization and few forms of life, the temperatures are very low, but some ufologists and hunters of aliens do not encounter these lost landscapes. A russian hunter of UFOs have made this great discovery, through “google maps“, discovered a huge alien spaceship, but let’s look at the photo in more detail!

Coordinates of the Crashed UFO found in Antarctica 73°13’55.09″S,71°57’12.98″W
crashed ufo found in antarctica

Is this an alien spaceship or a mountain?

The owner of the youtube channel is called Valentin Degteryov, his video of this striking discovery made in just a few days more than 200,000 visits, according to his calculations the alien wreck would be about 580 meters long, the hypothesis that only a big rock is missing , There are many things to comment on where this theory prevails.

If we take a better look on the image, the shadow of this object seems to have a well-defined form, a kind of pyramid, is it possible for a large rock to make this shadow? How many mountains are there in Antarctica? The “UFO” color is strange and does not look natural.

It is not the first time that there are strange sightings in Antarctica, as in March 2017 an ex-military published anonymously an article about U.S. secret bases in Antarctica, this statement has not been observed as the source is enough “safe“.

Are the aliens spying us? These secret alien ships have a purpose or are just phenomena invented by people? Let me know what do you think!

Video of the huge alien spaceship

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