Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO Sighting 2006

The Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO Sighting is a story that always gathers interests from over the world.

Unidentified flying objects or anything with relation to the aliens, that is airborne and does not have any relevant explanation which could define what it is in actual.

A lot of people have made claims to have spotted UFOs in different parts of the world. At times, scientists could offer explanations and deduce what the sightings were and the claims would be debunked. But this hasn’t been possible at all times and thus UFOs still remain a mystery.

The 2006 UFO sighting incident that occurred at the Chicago O’Hare Airport has always been regarded as one of the most interesting cases in modern history. It is by far the most documented case with a lot of witnesses who can claim they saw a UFO in actual on the fateful day of November 7th 2006.

Witnesses claim that they saw an object, a craft in the shape of a metallic disc, like the spaceships usually depicted in movies and cartoons, hovering above gate C-17 of the airport. The time of the incident has been quoted around quarter past 4 in the evening when a ramp employee at the Chicago O’Hare Airport spotted an unknown and unexplainable object that was hovering over gate C-17. The employee described the object to be spinning continuously and instantly notified both the pilot and co-pilot of the flight.

chicago o’Hare airport ufo sighting
Here is the famous picture of The Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO Sighting

Both the captain and his co-pilot witnessed the strange object and notified the airline’s control tower immediately. The pilots described the unidentified object to be disc shaped, dirty aluminum colored and said it seemed to be stably airborne without any distortions in the line of sight.

The incident was notified through radio to the FAA ground controller who then notified the flight incoming to be cautious of the UFO on the ground.

The flying saucer was also witnessed by two aviation mechanics working for United Airlines who happened to be working on an airplane that was scheduled for taxying to the hanger. According to the mechanics, the object was hovering above the aircraft and was about 200 feet below the cloud. The flying saucer, as per the aviation mechanics, then moved up in the clouds and left a very defined hole in the center that confirmed its exit.

Two more office employs at the Chicago O’Hare Airport claimed to see an elliptical, sphere like object in dark metal. The officers claimed that the object instantly rose to the air and departed leaving a blurred cloud behind. Both officers reported their sighting to the operations center.

A dozen or more employees at the Chicago O’Hare Airport witnessed the unusual phenomenon at the airport on November 7th and reported their sighting to the control and security centers. The FAA denied the claims earlier but later on concluded by stating the sighting as an unusual weather phenomenon explaining that the lights had reflected from the clouds only and there was no such thing as a UFO.

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