Belgian UFO Wave Sightings – The real story

The series of Belgian UFO Wave Sightings is one of the most intriguing events, which have been witnessed and photographed by several people.

The Belgian flap was the most herald incident of this type that started during the month of November in 1989. Thirty different groups of people, along with the three police officer groups witnessed the Belgian incident took place on the November 29th. All the reports directed towards similar statements, which included a large flying object at a very low altitude. People elaborated the appearance of the craft that was triangular and flat with lights underneath. The huge craft paced at a very slow speed across the Belgian landscape.

belgian ufo wave sightings
15 June 1990, Wallonia in Belgium. A picture taken during the wave sightings

In addition to this, the information was shared freely as the population of Belgium kept close track on the movement of the craft. The aircraft covered a striking distance from the Liege town to the Netherland and Germany borders.
The first UFO sighting was surprising that evolved into a wave for following months. To obtain significant evidence, a pair of F-16 fighters has been assigned on two occasions to chase the giant flying object, but it was no luck. It was the March of 1990 when the military headquarters received a frantic call from a police captain of Belgium. He was amazed by the sight as he noticed a triangle in the air passing over.

At the same time, two radar stations reported a flying object of unknown origin appeared on the screen. The first base to observe the craft was NATO, which was located southeast of Brussels, near the city of Glons. After gaining contacts with other radar facilities, the officials found out similar reporting about the appearance of craft on their screens by at least four other stations. The object was moving slowly across the screen, alongside failure of identification.

Two F-16 planes were assigned for intercepting and identifying the object, whereas of the radar of the jet locked the object. The object resembled a small diamond on the screen of the pilot, and he stated that after a few seconds of locking the object, it started to move quickly out of the range of the radar. The chase lasted for an hour during which the jet picked peculiar signals sent by the craft twice.
The cat and mouse chase finally ended when the track of the craft was lost in the Brussels lights. On the other hand, the pilots of the jet claimed that the craft maneuvered beyond the speed limit as compared to the speed of their fighter planes. The radar even displayed an abrupt drop in the speed from 10,000 to 500ft within the duration of 5 seconds.

Eventually, a videotape provided a good image of the craft in the April of 1990, which showed the view of the craft. In the image, the underbelly of the craft can be seen with three spotlights on each corner of the triangular craft. A still picture of the scene has been seen across the world as a result of which, it is regarded as a classic photograph of a UFO.

The Belgian UFO Wave Sightings has been given a prominent status in the UFO disclosure. The Belgium UFO video has been witnessed and confirmed by thousands of people, including military men, which cannot be denied in the light of a Belgium trainable hoax. The incident possessed great importance due to the unique information it has shared. Till today, military officials and theorists are seeking justification of the report so that a model can be developed to inspire others to unravel the enigma of the Belgian UFO Wave Sightings.

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