Ancient pyramid has been found on the moon?

These days it is turning the news about a discovery made by Mr. Mark Sawalha, an ancient pyramid has been found on the moon. Mr. Mark studies NASA images every day to look the evidence of alien civilizations and UFOs, this time he find a pyramid structure on the surface of our moon, we can say that it is not the first time that they discover objects of unknown entity on other planets, such as the case: “NASA Leak UFO wreck found on Mars“.

ancient pyramid has benn found on the moon

Mr. Mark Sawalha, posted the video on his youtube channel, to demonstrate his hypotheses and share this beautiful discovery with the his members!

The figure that looks like a pyramid and it’s near the Euxodus crater. The UFO hunter “Mark” is very convinced that in this NASA image, sent by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LROC), there actually be a Pyramid-shaped construction.

Very often these objects are exchanged with human shapes known to us on earth, it’s a kind of nasty joke that makes our brain, who knows if one day we will be able to get answers from NASA? For now they have not given any explanation, but there are many hypotheses and theories concerned about this phenomenon.

Video Source: Mark Sawalha


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