An alien spaceship over Paris

This time we are faced with a very obvious phenomenon, an alien spaceship over Paris, exactly, so it seems… in the last few days this news has been around the world.

It happened in Paris where a strange “alien spaceship” emitted bands of intense light, which of course would be spotted by many citizens. Some experts are linking this sighting with those in Australia and China to see if there are some connections, but for now no official news yet.

Now let’s go into more detail… In the skies of Paris, this object was spotted in the shape of a big cigar emitting intermittent beam bundles. The UFO as seen from the video can be compared very clearly to an alien spacecraft, the strangest thing that fascinates many ufologists is that next to this spaceship you see two flashing spheres moving.

The video about “Alien Spaceship Over Paris”
alien spaceship over paris

The video was published by a well-known YouTube channel where UFO sightings are often reported, The founder of the channel “Tyler Glockner” explained that the video was sent to him by email from an anonymous source and so he could not find many Information about this sighting.

The video has reached nearly 300,000 visits, many comments have been made by many ufologists, the question is almost always the same … is this a fake?

We found interesting connections with similar sightings, one was filmed over Xiaoshan Airport in China in 2010 and another one in the Gold Coast in Australia at the beginning of 2014, the reason for associating these two sightings is given by the fact That UFOs always have the same elongated shape, similar to a “cigar“. Is it the same alien ship or other navy but of the same family?

We are faced with a truly spectacular sighting, the only thing we can do is to study it deeply and to understand its originality, for my experience this video is true and there was nothing manipulated, it’s too perfect and the shape of ‘UFO really leaves too many space for our imagination…

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