An alien satellite in deep space, hoax?

Many believe it was an alien satellite in deep space, but nowdays we can say that there are many UFO sightings every year, many remain a mystery forever, while many others are recognized as hoax. In this article we will talk about a bizarre case.

alien satellite in deep space

The story begins that an astronomer who, pointing to the deep space with his telescope has captured an incredibly bright red UFO, so immediately after posting it on the web, the clip has become viral.

According to the astronomer, his photo would be the demonstration that alien life exists and that they are monitoring the Earth from the space.

The researcher was taking pictures in his backyard with a long-exposure lens when an object crossed his field of vision. At first he thought that it was an artificial satellite like the ISS, or an airplane, but looking in detail at the object he realized that it was definitely a bizarre object of extraterrestrial origin.

He made several shots and this points out that the UFO moved at great speed since the movement between the first and second shots shows a considerable distance. The witness then sent these notable shots to MUFON one of the most important organizations on the UFOs community.

By analyzing the image we can see 3 bright objects of red color, which the central one is spherical while the lateral 2 much thinner, this is a figure that is not entirely new, we have already seen phenomena with similar shapes. Another important observation is to understand the distance of the UFO, yes, we do not know how far it is from the earth but if we check well on the right there’s a galaxy and the mysterious object turns out to be bigger.

I doubt that ufo is as big as a galaxy, so surely it was an object much much closer, without risking too many hypotheses we can say that this will remain one of the many unsolved cases in the history of extraterrestrial sightings… What do you think? Let me know below!

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