Alien snake found on Mars – Footages

An alien snake found on Mars, here we can see some footages captured by NASA probes that quickly became popular.

These images have been around the world and appear to show the big snakes of alien origin..

Our question and not only that, the world question is: These strange shapes can be something alien? The answer is difficult to give, can be large fossils, or in my opinion are only effects on soil from Martian wind, we know that Mars have sand storms, these are very violent storms and we still do not know 100% how they are generated.

alien snake found on mars

If they were real snakes or worms, how come we have not discovered before?
The fact is that many of NASA images have always aroused controversy and doubts, but it is not a coincidence that every time the images actually reveal strange objects, you have to be realistic, but do not deny the obvious!

The scientific explanation of NASA:

The red planet is very mysterious, therefore this time NASA has come forward saying that what is shown on the image are nothing of “extraterrestrial” but sand dunes in the area called “Hellespontus” This area is well known by scientists because it has been studied.
Ufologists and above all the conspiracy theorists are not totally agree with this, are feasting 100% sure that it is alien bases or ancient civilizations that once lived on Martian ground.

Another weird buildings on Mars

mars weird buildings

The alien hunters not being at all convinced of NASA’s explanation, I am convinced that there are too many objects on Mars that according to them are not of natural origin such as the picture shown above showing a structure.

What could it be? A statue or a monument? An ancient technology?

Footages of Mars

So what do you think about alien snake found on Mars? You can give your opinion in the comments!

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