An alien photographed inside a spaceship?

These footages have become viral on the internet because they show for the first time an alien photographed inside a spaceship, these images are about to be published in a book, they are incredible revelations that have remained top secret for many years and that would show aliens are similar to humans.

alien photographed inside a spaceship

alien and spaceship

The question is: is it really an alien in the pictures? In the black and white images we see that inside an aircraft with seats and a control panel a person with sunglasses, many are convinced that it is an alien. These photos are not recent but taken date back to October 1957 in Italy, Francavilla.

This story has never been revealed before today but thanks to the book “UFO contacts in Italy” that will be published in February we will know much more.

The author of the book is Roberto Pinotti today is 73 years old, the same said that the images were taken by two men on a spaceship. Certainly it is not the first time that we are faced with a similar case, where scholars and politicians say that aliens are among us. The skeptics are convinced that these images and history is a fraud.

In essence, the book tells a series of cases that occurred about alien sighting in Italy on 1957 and that would be the most unusual because there would be photos taken inside a UFO.

I think that in all this history we should analyze thoroughly the images and the story behind the book, We know that Roberto Pinotti is a very authoritative source because he was an officer of the Italian army, now become journalist and aerospace author is also a leading UFO scholar with the most authoritative national ufologist center founded 50 years ago.

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