Airplanes vanished over area 51?

This is a report that was emailed to me by Sam, for me the most intriguing mystery it is the Wells Fargo airplanes vanished over Area 51! We will analyze it in detail with the description and photos shown.

The first picture shows a radar path of an unknown radar image that zigzagged across area 51 making impossible 180 degree turns at over 200 mph. This path in the picture took about 90 sec. to
complete. Radar labeled it “ID

The next set of pictures show hidden underground cave entrances, giving fuel to the theory of underground tunnels throughout area 51.

The last picture shows railroad tracks that disappear into the desert. Army trucks littered the tracks for a mile or so. I traced the tracks to the opposite end where they went into a mountain side disappearing again.
I failed to take a picture of the other end because after I left the area and when I came back the picture of that spot it had been blurred out.

Although I made several attempts to locate it again it was gone. But it did run into the side of a mountain.

I’ve viewed the radar many times where a plane blip disappeared into a mountain top where there is no airfield, building, house or vehicles. I have read stories where the side of the mountain opened up to a hidden airport. Yesterday I watched two planes owned by Wells Fargo disappear into area 51 at a spot where there is no landing field….explain that one?

impossible flight path
impossible flight path
cave entrances
Airplanes vanished over area 51
disappearing railroad tracks
Disappearing railroad tracks

If you are interested more about Area 51 mysteries you must read this article! “leaked Area 51 ufo test footage

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